The Mary Frances books on Gutenberg

You may know these books, but if not, please read the introductions below and then scroll to the bottom to find a link into Gutenberg Books where you can download these books for free as a ebooks or plain text.

There are five of them and each has plenty of nice pictures too. Here we go:

The Mary Frances Cook Book; Or, Adventures Among the Kitchen People by Fryer

This book tells the story of Mary Frances, a little girl whose great ambition was to help her mother. So anxious was she to do this that even the humble Kitchen People became her teachers and instructors. They talked to her, a thing never heard of before; helped her over the hard places, and explained mysterious secrets she could never otherwise have understood. They wove around a simple little book of recipes her mother had made for her the spell of Fairyland; they led her through a series of delightful adventures such as never happened to any girl before, in which she lived for three whole happy weeks, and out of which she emerged no longer a little girl, but a real little woman.

The Mary Frances Garden Book by Jane Eayre Fryer

The Mary Frances Cook Book is the exceptionally clever and fascinating story of a little girl who wanted to learn to help her mother. Only it is much more than a story. It tells in story form how Mary Frances learned to cook. She wants to know what all the kitchen pots and pans are for, so she asks them. And they tell her—the pots and pans talk. The book gives recipes in the simplest, plainest words. It describes every operation clearly—just what Mary Frances did, and how she learned to avoid mistakes. The book stimulates the imagination and creates a desire to follow Mary Frances’ example. 8vo. Cloth, 170 pages. Over 200 colored illustrations by Margaret G. Hayes and Jane Allen Boyer.

Our Home and Personal Duty by Jane Eayre Fryer

Like all texts or other helps in education, these civics readers cannot teach themselves or take the place of a live teacher. But it is believed that they can be of great assistance to sympathetic, civically minded instructors of youth who feel that the training of our children in the ideals and practices of good citizenship is the most imperative duty and at the same time the highest privilege that can come to any teacher.

The Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book by Jane Eayre Fryer

After reading about Mary Frances’ many adventures among the Kitchen People, and the Thimble People, and the Garden People, and with the Doll Family and the Brave Family, in the Mary Frances books—perhaps you thought that no girl, not even Mary Frances, could find any more funny little fairy helpers right in her own home.

The Mary Frances First Aid Book by Jane Eayre Fryer

This book is more than a story to inspire children with a desire to relieve suffering; it is a simplified and handy reference book, telling what to do in cases of accident or illness. In no sense is it intended to take the place of the physician. The first principle of first-aid cannot too often be repeated—when in doubt, send for the doctor.

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