A coronal mass acrostic

After I mentioned my take on acrostics to a friend, with positional and palindromic acrostics, I was challenged to make a new poem; where not only the alphabetical position of the first letter would, when concatenated, make a palindrome, but also the cross sum of each decoded letter is a palindrome too.

I took on the challenge and I wanted to theme it appropriately for her:

Day after day over heaven across
Little or no worries she carries
Come day and night, her weigh not varies
Unexpected sudden growth
Directed to Earth she plasma toss

Ørjan Hoyd H. Vøllestad

The alphabeticl position of the first letter in each line reads

4 12 3 21 4

Which is palindrome and of which the cross sum is 44.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a significant ejection of magnetic field and accompanying plasma mass from the Sun’s corona into the heliosphere.