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  • Tromsø, Norway through different satellite eyes

    Each of the following images are downloaded using the free online Sentinel Hub EO Browser application. True color composite Sensors carried by satellites can image Earth in different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Each region in the spectrum is referred to as a band. Sentinel-2 has 13 bands. True color composite uses visible light bands […]

  • Looking at beautiful Somalia in colors

    It has been a little while since I dropped into Sentinel Hubs Playground, but after seeing a satellite image at my living rooms Chromecast, I had to take a look myself. Here is the result, simply stunning: Most of the pictures are viewed through agriculture bands 11, 8, 2 with Atmospheric correction switched on.

  • Identify dominant colors in an image

    Identify dominant colors in an image

    Deeply inspired by a tweet I saw a couple of days ago, where @NASAGoddard teamed up with @colourlovers to identify colors in satellite images, I set out to write a script that did this with any image. UPDATE: Try it now online at http://apps.hoyd.net/hexcolors/ I have been using Sentinel Hub to spot beautiful places on […]

  • Eying an Ukranian gulf from the sky with Sentinel Hub

    Eying an Ukranian gulf from the sky with Sentinel Hub

    Gulf of Tendra or Tendra Bay is a shallow water bay near the coast of Ukraine (peninsula Yahorlyk Kut), northern Black Sea. Here is a view from the air as well: https://goo.gl/maps/HLqmUMWgL822 Take a look at these stunning images taken by a Sentinel 2 satellite

  • Stunning pictures of Vladivostok, Russia

    Stunning pictures of Vladivostok, Russia

    I have never travelled to Vladivostok, far east in Russia, but I did have a look-see through the orbiting #Sentinel2 satellite. Simply stunning!

  • Mongolia from above

    Mongolia from above

    Navigating through the enormous data sets from the Copernicus programme, I wanted to focus on Mongolia this time. Here are some beauties I came across.

  • Eyes in the sky

    Eyes in the sky

    Just watched the Antitrust movie from the 90s, which perhaps was on the verge before web 2.0 became a reality. Prior to web 2.0, Internet was slow and it would take ages just to download a media file like a mp3-file using Napster or the like. Video streaming was simply not arrived, the technology wasn’t […]