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  • Draw a cityscape in day and night with Python turtle

    Draw a cityscape in day and night with Python turtle

    I’ve earlier blogged about drawing a cityscape or urban landscape just by using squares with the Python turtle library. Now, I also have written a Python script that creates a randomized blue sky filled with seagulls, clouds, a rainbow and a the sun. Also, a night sky filled with stars, constellations and galaxies. I figured […]

  • Et år i farger

    Et år i farger

    Se for deg at du står på ett sted i et helt år. Fra 1. januar til 31. desember. Du holder i hånden en termometer og et fargekart. På formiddagen 1. januar, den første dagen, gjør du en måling, noterer ned hvor mange grader celcius det var. Så ser du på fargekartet og finner en […]

  • A technological rainbow – finding the visible spectrum in a CD

    There are seven wavelength ranges within the visible spectrum that each correspond to a different color. The colors fall in an order red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Compact Disc (CD) surface enlarged 500 times I placed a microscope with LED lights on the surface and enlarged it 500x. Twisting and turning the […]

  • 100 000 Pi (π) decimals vs. random numbers

    I have previously written a post about how I decided to visualize 100k decimals of Pi, Tau and e with Python. To do that I chose a simple set of three rules that was repeated for each decimal digit; For each of the decimals: First, draw a tiny square and fill it with a color […]