Show cron jobs as an agenda

As a linux user I also use the cron daemon for controlling when to run tasks. Mostly I don’t interfere with the systems cron jobs, but add my own schedules tasks using the command crontab -e.

Reading the cron jobs with crontab -l can be cumbersome and I needed a nicer formatted view of the next cron jobs, kind of like Google Calendars Agenda view:


After googling the net, searching in Ubuntus respositories and looking in the Python Package Index (PyPI), I didn’t find what I was looking for. I came across an old php script and someone guided me to a perl script. Since I prefer Python as language these were not exactly what I wanted.

In the Python Package Index, I found the croniter python package and were able to write the cronview script using it.


cronview takes the output from crontab -l and prints a list of desired length.


Head over to GitHub and read the README for how to use it.