Prototyping a new game for my kids

A physical gaming platform is in progress at home in my sparetime (who am I kidding?), mostly worked on in between diapers and while everyone else is out of the house. Having a wife and four kids, you would think that there isn’t any time left to work on projects at home, but I am here to convince you otherwise.

This is a gaming platform, physically boxed, using one or more arduinos and a bunch of LEDs and pushbuttons. The basic idea is to combine multiple kind of entertaining, memory-based and visual pattern games. I have just started the first and perhaps most complex, the Memory Game.

The Memory Game (you can find the source code on GitHub) wants you to, once activated, watch and memorize a blinking sequence and then, in time, push the same sequence back.

The remaining modules will include LED spirals and multiple Space Sounds.

To be continued.