Finally a decent script for backing up my DVD collection of movies and TV-series

Depending on how nerd you are, but I have been looking for a good method to digitalize my collection in an acceptable resolution, using a widely used format and keep subtitles and audio languages.

In short, I found a couple of BASH scripts that utilizes the command line version of Handbrake and a few built-in Linux commands to help out. The scripts are slightly modified from the original as I found it necessary.

I’m comfortable with the command line as a long time Linux user and command line applications can be scripted, take input from other commands etc, without requiring pre-made widgets for every little feature needed to accomplish the job.

The first looks for the longest title on the DVD and take that title-number and extracts using High Profile setting the title with all (or most) subtitles and audio languages.

To rip TV series, a different script was made. This script looks for titles within a predefined range of length. This script also can take some input arguments, check them out with -h.

I discovered that it could fail in some cases, but it was solved when I installed the nightly version of HandbrakeCLI. Nightly builds are based on the latest development code which means they may or may not be stable and probably won’t be documented.

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