diy application for diy projects

I have this really simple website where I collect all my hobby diy projects. Really emphsized on hobby as I’m far from a trained or professional woodworker. Just happen to enjoy it. For a while I was adding new photos and descriptions to this diy-website manually, but as I also enjoy coding, I started thinking about a really simple application that could be the post-interface for the website.

I quickly opened Excalidraw, which lets to draw something like this really fast with no effort at all:

Sketch drawn with Exalidraw

The sketch was drawn with a simple functionality in mind – Write an entry title, description, a number, preview and submit. While coding the actual application, I came to realize a few missing bits, for instance the photo for the diy project.

The finished application has a couple more buttons, a short user manual and a preview for the photo as well.

Finished gui applikasjon

Behind the scenes, the application creates a couple of versions of the selected photo, puts them in folders and sends this to the web server along with the previewed text.

On the website, it looks like this:

Screenshot from diy website.
Screenshot from diy website.