Computer generated art: An old computer in a dark room in a forest (and more)

I have previously generated images using an online mini version of ai (Dall-E mini), but not with complicated sentences. I tried with the following sentences, which resulted in a few nice results. See below:

an old computer powered on in a dark green room with wires from ceiling in front of a window, a forest outside window

What about this:

an abandoned yellow bicyle on a bridge, in front of a sunset

Or this:

a forgotten red teddy bear lying of the street a rainy day in a 1800s victorian city

Or this:

single lamp post lit in a green forrest at night

I asked my 14 year old daughter to give me a sentence:

purple flower in front of an autumn tree

More autumn:

monkeys typing on an old computer in a room, a sunny autumn day outside

My daughter again:

the milky way with actual milk

Okay, just two more:

a robot, a planet, a bottle, a green bird, an autumn day

…and the last one:

a robot helping an old woman cross a road a sunny day