Category: humor

  • Impress people at the cafe with a cool hacker screensaver

    Make a cool video play fullscreen in your absence from the computer to look like a hacker. Okay, that sounds lame, doesn’t it? Still, it can impress a couple of people at the café, or at least give them something to look…

  • Proof that babies in reality are sleeping dinosaurs

    During my paternity leave, I recorded my son in slow motion and since I don’t want his face displayed on the web, I swapped the picture with what he sounds like in slow motion: A sleeping dinosaur! Enjoy!

  • Five awesome space puns

    I enjoy language and puns. When a sentence have more than one meaning, I find that refreshing. Here are five cool space themed puns, just because space is great too: The cost of a space program is astronomical. Even though Catholics in…